Noha Hassan Designs was launched by Noha Hassan Smith out of a deep conviction that design should be attainable rather than a luxury service for the lucky few.



  • FLAT RATE DESIGN FEE - Contrary to the typical hourly rate or the commission based fees charged within the Design Industry, Noha Hassan Designs works on a flat rate design fee. This is based on the scope of work as discussed and agreed between Designer and Client.  A flat rate fee adds predictability and aligns the designer’s interest with the client’s. 
  • PASSED TRADE DISCOUNT - Furthermore, whereas the majority of the Design Industry charges a % markup on products and services, at Noha Hassan Designs all trade discounts are passed onto the client without any markups. This adds objectivity in the selection process.



  • First, we listen to all your design needs and ask many questions about your lifestyle and desired interiors.
  • Next our team prepares your tailor made design mood boards to help you visualize your new space room by room.
  • After your review, we revise and finalize all specifications including materials and color scheme.
  • We then create any necessary plans and elevations to allow construction to proceed  without further delay; simultaneously we prepare any required schedules.
  • After approval, all orders are placed, tracked until final delivery and inspection. Throughout this process, your working budget and timeline are updated.
  • In cases of construction on a project, our firm is on site managing and overseeing all aspects of your construction.
  • At project completion and when furnishing and decorative items are ready for installation, our team completes final styling and creates your ready to move-in home.